Application deadline is January 5, 2015

To receive the full benefits of the intense impact of focused assignments offered through the Rome Art Program, applicants are strongly encouraged to enroll in the complete 8-week session but 4-week sessions (Half-Sessions) are also available.

An application may be submitted at any time up to January 5, 2015. Notification of acceptance is given 7 days after submission is received. Early application is recommended.

-If application is accepted, students must send in a tuition deposit of $500 to secure a place on the Program within 1 week of acceptance.
-Final tuition balance for CURRENTLY REGISTERED STUDENTS is due Wednesday, March 4, 2015 (See deadline schedule below).
-Deposits and application fees are non-refundable.
-No refund for withdrawal within thirty days of the start date of Rome Art Program (June 1, 2015).
-Italian visas are not required for study abroad under 90 days.
-All U.S. nationals must have 100% medical coverage. All (non-Italian) non-U.S. nationals must check their coverage status for Italy.

1. You must be 18 or over to apply.
2. We accept applicants based on merit (either having a BA or higher degree in Art or can demonstrate artistic abilities in application materials).
3. We accept applicants with limited experience who show a great deal of potential (with the understanding that this is an intensive program).
4. We accept applicants currently working toward degrees in other fields who have a vested interest in art.
5. We accept applications from artists who wish to renew their studio practice.

Each year some students from Rome summer sessions have applied for credits from their home schools and have received university credits from schools in the USA, Australia, and Turkey.  
The Rome Art Program Inc. is an independent educational program.  It is not an accredited granting institution and it is not affiliated with a credit-granting institution, however you will receive an evaluation transcript from us upon completion of coursework. Advanced planning is highly recommended to increase the likelihood of your coursework being applied to fulfill requirements in your major, minor, or General Education. Please research your university's credit requirements thoroughly before seeking credit approval. 
  **For detailed information click on Course Credits page.


Notification of acceptance into the program is given 7 days after submission is received. Applications can be made at any time prior to the deadline of January 5, 2015.
If application is accepted, students must send in a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 to secure a place in the Program within 1 week of acceptance. Payable by bank transfer (by request), or credit card at Payment Center
Total Balance should be paid by bank transfer (by request), or credit card at Payment Center: by Wednesday, March 4, 2015. 

Payment Center

Please send all Application materials by e-mail to:
(Application materials may be sent by mail upon request)

1. Fill out the form below
Application fee of $35 payable to Rome Art Program, Inc. (Non-refundable) payable by bank transfer (on request), or credit card at Payment Center 
3. 1-paragraph statement of artistic intention
4. 6 examples of applicant's artwork (i.e. slides, digital copies, photographs, digital files: cd 72 - 100 dpi, no more than 800 pixels either direction, labeled with artist's last name, first name and title of work )
5. Corresponding list of artworks with artist's name, title, medium and size
6. 1 letter of recommendation from a College Professor or Art Professional (via email)
1-page resume


First name:
Last name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code, Country:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Please include your emergency contact name and phone number:
If you have been nominated, please provide the name of your Nominator (write "Nominated by -").  
If you are a current student, please include the name of your school:

Indicate which session you are applying to:
Rome Full 8-week program June-July
Rome 4-week session June
Rome 4-week session July

Note that all accommodations are triple occupancy
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Before you send in your application, please don't forget to submit your application processing fee at our Payment Center. No applications will be reviewed unless your application fee is submitted with your application.
Application fee of $35 payable to Rome Art Program, Inc. (Non-refundable) payable by bank transfer, or credit card.  Click here: Payment Center.

Contact us if you require further assistance at or 646-783-0046.

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